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Effortlessly collect and visualize all your farm's information in order to gain real, actionable insights.

How do you really know if you're a good farmer?

There is a massive amount of information coming from your fields via the machines you use and the entire agriculture ecosystem. Until now, it has been difficult to gather, let alone turn into meaningful metrics or quality assurance.

Never before have farmers been able to capitalize on all this information all at once to benchmark and improve operations year over year. But now you can.

The 640Drive gives you the numbers you need

The 640Drive broadcasts ongoing messages from your machine to your mobile device, most of which was previously uncollected or required manual data entry.

It automatically feeds you valuable information by plugging into the standard diagnostic port of your tractor, combine or applicator, regardless of brand. It’s incredibly simple to use and designed for the rugged agricultural environment.


Storage & Analysis, all in one place

Using high-powered analytics, 640 Labs processes the metrics streamed by your machines and presents you with number-driven factual information to help inform your activities and decisions from now through the fall harvest and beyond.

Your account holds all your information for multiple years, so past activities and field condition records are always accessible. Learn more


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Before, we'd have the data, but we were never able to view it fast enough to make decisions on the fly. Timing is especially important. If a machine breaks down, or is idling too long, we need to know right away so we can modify our schedule accordingly.
Matt Schweigert
Schweigert Family Farms
All of the things that’s going on in my operation, all of my machines, every vital function — that data is being captured. We’re looking at more data points to figure out where we can cut corners or improve efficiencies or maximize our yield and minimize inputs.
Steve Pitstick
Pitstick Farms

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